Sunday, April 19, 2015

A New Illumination Project

No, I have not been on vacation. OK, maybe a little bit, but not this entire time.

A long, long time ago, in an RV park far, far away, I designed the original CycleLux system. It worked really well. Even with it's horribly inefficient design, the battery bank lasted months of typical use.

There were a few issues. To start, it was not easily reproducible. The individual parts took a long time to create. On top of that, it wasn't nearly as modular as I had hoped.

As my programming abilities have improved, I have updated the firmware, although I never installed it in the system. It eventually got to the point where no greater improvement could be had without completely redesigning the hardware.

Long story short, I am beyond the design and into the build...

The new headlight is shown on the left, compare to the old version on the right. There are some obvious improvements. In a much smaller package, I have a much brighter light. Combined with my newer implementations of PWM control, this could turn out to be really good. Or explode. Only time will tell. Stay tuned!